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Some stuff to watch

Hi guys.  Thought I'd share this as I just got the DVD myself and I thought it turned out really well.  It's a documentary I did the narration for, about a very sick little girl who makes a wish with the Make A Wish Foundation to go to the Derby - and meets a horse with her own name (who goes on to win the Derby while she's there!  Pretty dramatic!).  Very emotional and well-written.  I was honored and pleased to be a part of it.  The documentary is called Rachel's Story and it aired on HRTV back at the end of March, I believe.   Please be patient with the ad that shows before the documentary begins. :) 

It's well worth watching - not just because I narrated it :) but because it's truly inspirational on a whole lot of levels.  And if you like horses?  Well.  I don't have to tell you. :)

I hope you enjoy it! 
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