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Voices of Vision - September 23-25, 2010 - Toronto, ON Canada

So you remember I mentioned that article I wrote about search engine optimization for voice actors?   Well, after Voice 2010, a friend of mine named Shawn Maroney decided he was going to put on a conference for voice actors.  It's September 23-25 this year in Toronto, at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport.  There are some really *really* fantastic voice acting coaches coming to give workshops at this event - Pat Fraley is the keynote speaker (L.A.), M.J. Lallo (L.A.), Bill Holmes (Hollywood) & Deb Murno (Vancouver - I've mentioned her before and have taken a couple of workshops with her already).  All *stellar* talents and wonderful coaches.  Two days of learning from these folks is going to be just *amazing*.  And Elley-Ray Hennessy, a very talented performer and well-known voice acting coach here in Toronto is going to be the M.C.  So I'm kinda stoked already.

But Shawn has asked me to give a talk about my article (and other stuff along the same lines) on the Saturday of the conference during the luncheon.  (Our lunches are paid for on the Friday and Saturday of the conference - that's part of the membership fee.  Pretty cool.).

So you can hear an audio snipped about my upcoming talk on the Voices of Vision page where it displays the various coaches and presenters.  Pretty cool to be in such august company!  (Truthfully, I feel a bit out of place ... but I'm certainly not complaining! :-D)

So any of you who are interested in receiving voice acting instruction from some of the best in the business (I'm talking about the coaches now, not me. ;-) ), I hope you'll attend!  And those of you that do, please do say hello! :-)
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