JodiMuse (jodimuse) wrote,

Adoration. :)

 I seriously appreciate my Toronto voice over agent.  I've had a bunch of auditions and jobs lately - auditions for jobs and then JOBS that I *didn't* have to audition for.  It's fantastic to actually be told "can you be here at this time for this job?" when the client chose me from my demo on their website and nothing else was required on my part.  That's kinda new to me.  I've been meeting a LOT of interesting people - not to mention other folks on his roster.   And I'm getting used to the idea of not having a script until I walk in the door.  It's actually a kind of fun challenge. ;) 

Then I found out that he'll be the guy doing the talk on the Friday luncheon at Voices of Vision - the one where I'm talking on Saturday at lunch.  Really cool that he's getting involved too - especially considering how busy he is.

So some major kudos for this guy.  I certainly appreciate the work!
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