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Adventures in VO...

It's been a pretty busy couple of days!  Wednesday, I did a session with a client for Hood Sour Cream.  Anyone here heard of them?  They don't sell their product here in Canada, but I was told it was north east (it's only running for 13 weeks - a TV commercial).  The music they used behind it was "Do you love me" (folks would be familiar with that song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack?  Though yes, I'm aware the song is far older than that. ;) )  I'd love to know if any of you see it. :) I believe it was being produced by a company in NYC.  

And I spent 4 hours today in a local studio being directed over the phone from Germany for a Ubisoft exercise game for the wii (those of you with PS3's will be able to buy it some time soon, I believe ...)  298 pages of an MS Word document.  Phew!  I surely needed some tea when *that* was done.  Had to be really *up* and excited/cheerful for the entire thing, too.  Those of you who know my exercise habits (or lack thereof) have my permission to enjoy a hearty guffaw now. ;) 

It was supposed to take 6 hours - so we got it done in record time.  I truly love these German clients.  They're professional while still maintaining a sense of humor.  It was a joy to work with them.   

In fact, I have to say, I'm a very lucky person.  I adore all my clients.  Every single one.  How fantastic (and rare!) is that??

And Monday, a bunch of us VO folks are getting together for lunch in Toronto - just to gab and see the world outside of our recording booths for a while.  It'll be fun. :) 

Then I have a practice with UT!  OVFF is fast approaching ... Really looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys there!! :D
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