March 7th, 2011

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A Car Question...

Hi folks!  Lots has been going on here - including a brief trip to Atlanta for Anachrocon to sing with Play It With Moxie (w00t! Note our fantastic new logo - Thanks Brian!) and participate in a voice over UNconference :) called Faffcon (Faffcon3 is already being advertised - and I'm really looking forward to going to it. I was at Faffcon2).  I had a blast at both and spent time with folks I get WAY too little time to spend time with (darned geography).  

But I'm actually posting because I wanted to ask you all a question.  It's a car-related question.  Since my lease is coming up in June, I'm trying to decide what kind of car I'd like to finance.  And this time, it will be a finance.  Car companies don't seem to be offering as many leasing options as they used to, they don't seem to like leases, and interest rates are generally low enough that over 72 months, a finance rate is pretty decent.  

I'm looking at a mid-sized car - so a Mazda 3, Volkswagen Jetta, Hyundai Elentra, Kia Forte Koup (they're pretty cute cars), or a Chevy Cruze (which I've heard very good things about).   My current car is a Mazda 3 - and it's ok ... but ... not great.  I'm certainly not loving it enough to purchase it at the end of the lease - mostly due to slightly cheap feeling interior stuff.  But maybe if I upgrade to a newer model?  Don't know.

So my questions are this:

1) Which car of these would you recommend?  Or do you have another recommendation?  And why?
2) What "luxury" features in a car do you find the most useful/fun?  

I'd love to hear your opinions.  Thanks so much!